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“We don’t just build robots, we build people.”  This is our motto for Droid Rage #3381.  We are an FRC team from Valders, WI. We have students from Valders, Chilton, Reedsville, Manitowoc, Demark, Kellnersville, and Brillion as well as home schooled students.

Our team was formed just weeks before the 2010 build season, just starting the impact FIRST has had on the community. Our success as the Wisconsin Rookie All Star helped launch the growth of FIRST in Northeast Wisconsin. Since then, we’ve started and mentored five FRC teams (STEMpunk in Two Rivers, Bond Brigade from Kiel, and Sensored from Green Bay, RoboRemedy at Manitowoc Lutheran, illumIBOTi in Manitowoc), five FTC teams, sixteen  FLL teams, and twenty-one Jr. FLL teams, encouraging kids in grades as young as kindergarten to get interested and develop a passion for STEM. Both students and mentors are very active with other teams throughout Manitowoc County to help more students get interested in these ever-advancing fields.

Students who join our program build skills and relationships that stick with them. That’s the goal of FIRST. We help students grow on their own, and promote science, math, engineering, technology and business, using skills acquired in the classroom and applying them to everyday life. While the alliance with the best-performing robots are crowned the winner, we believe that the true winners are those who take life lessons out of their experience with the Lakeshore FIRST Robotics Program. Our students strive to do their best and to graduate as better people. As our motto says, “We don’t just build robots, we build people.”

Recieved Awards 
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Chairman's Award Video - 2022

Chairman's Award Video - 2019

Chairman's Award Video - 2016

Chairman's Award Video - 2020

Chairman's Award Video - 2018

Chairman's Award Video - 2014

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